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Learning on TEDed



Lessons Worth Sharing is by all means the bravest attempt of connecting smart lectures to visual artists and animate those lectures in a way accessible and enjoyable by many. Through the help fo the TED Open translation project, the lessons then travel through many countries and find a home as additional free educational tool in schools and at home. Anyone would be simply crazy to ignore such a valuable free tool. If you are an educator you should embrace it! Enjoy discovering the world of possibilites of TED-ed.

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 TEDxDubai Flipped Lessons on TEDed


One of the best tools of TEDed is without a doubt the amazing flexible interface that allows you to pick any Youtube video and turn it into a TEDed Lesson. We have flipped some of our favorite lectures that we think might become useful lessons in the classroom. Feel free to use them, share them, make them yours and flip them again. Watch our first flipped lesson based on TEDxDubai speaker Illac Diaz and the Liter Of Light project.

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