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"TEDxDubai has set the bar for

all the TEDx to come."


Bruno Giussani

TED Director Europe

TEDxDubai 2009 has been the first independently organized event in the region of 1000 curated attendees, invited to experience the power of IDEAS WORTH SPREADING free of charge.


Nobody was quite ready for the incredible reaction from our exctied attendees and the success the conference achieved in mentoring and leading many other organizers in setting up their own chapter. 


Two of our speakers were picked to speak at the main TEDGlobal event the following year and our community has started to grow and support our mission. Here some of the their voices.



"The largest independet event in the MIddle East bringing together leading thinkers."



"This was the best event I have been to ."




"The immense value of creative gatherings like TEDxDubai is their ability to spark innovation in unpredictable ways."


Faisal al YafaiRead

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