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Thriving, Inspiring, Engaging

Talks from 2011  

The Beauty of Small Things



Danae Ringelmann

Leveling the fund ​​playing field one dollar at time

Helen Papagiannis

Augmented Reality and the power of imagination

Ilac Diaz
Lighting up the world one bottle at a time


Erica Ilves & Anna Stillwell

The Human Project​​

Christian Boer

How a typeface can help people

Chris Colwell

Live Life Now

William Rankin

Considering the architecture of learning

Noush Like Sploosh

3 Act Circus

Ali Amarsy

What I have learnt from seduction

Maria Conceicao

Turning Caterpillars into butterflies

Dannie Pasion
How do you like it


Dr. Tariq Kashmiri and Samia Kazi

The Leaders of Tomorrow

Hala Kazim

Let's Twalk

Loy Machedo
The Stone of Judgement


Thriving, Inspiring, Engaging

Talks from 2010




Elham Qaismi
Everything but Physical


Steve Sosebee
The power of positive Action


Matt Hoyle
Perfect Imperfection


Patricia Ryan
Mind your Language


Sheena Matheiken
The uniform project


Monja Wolf
Transition into Social Development


A follow up story


Gonan Premfors
Relationships Rebooted


Nicholas Sykes
Biomimicry 2.0


Thriving, Inspiring, Engaging

Talks from 2009


Yassin Al Salman "The Nacicyst"
Who we are, When we are, Identity in flux


Mohammed Abedin
New Beginnings


Sue Gardner
The People's Encyclopedia


Mishaal Al Gergawi
The Republic of I and the federation that is us


Jamil Abu Wardeh
The Infancy of the Arabic Stand Up Revolution


Tala Badri
Happiness in F Major


Jason Vale
One Disease - One Solution


Tchendil Kumar
Unleash Your Humor Quotient


James Piecowye
Freezing Ideas and Other lessons from the desert

Naif Al Mutawa
From Mecca to Metropolis


Joichi Ito
Sharing Economy


Leo Laporte
The coming creative explosion


Dubai Abulhoul
Everything but Physical


Ian Gilbert
Why do I need a teacher when I've got the internet?


Thomas Lundgren


Paul Bennet
What is your dream for Dubai?


Mohammed Harib
From zero to hero


Qais Sedki
Life's a table of contents


Mahammed Gawdat
Is Technology Democratizing our Perspective?


Abed Ayyad


Khulood Al Atiyat
Unleash, A Wandering Journal


Ernst Van Del Poll


Samar Jodah
Capacity Building for Marginalized Communites


Bashar Atiyat
Changing a distorted Image


Alwadhi Brothers
The Evolution of a Shawarma


Masarat Daud
Educating Communities in 8 Days


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